Showtime 30/30

Our Showtime 30/30 class is the ultimate in nightclub style fitness and boxing!  30 minutes of pure boxing followed by 30 minutes of strength training.  These small groups are limited to 18 participants so each individual can get the attention and support they need.  This fast paced, dynamic training class will challenge you to become the best you've ever been!

Beginners Boxing 30/30

This class is designed for beginners, but anyone that wants to review the fundamentals is welcome to come!

*  Learn basic punches

*  Focus on technique

*  Practice footwork

This class is the same format at the Showtime 30/30 class with 30 minutes of boxing and 30 minutes of strength and conditioning.  However, the 30 minutes of boxing will focus more on fundamentals and a slightly slower pace.

Sweet Science Advanced Training

This class is for ADVANCED members only and DOES include contact.  

*  Sparring

*  One-on-one pad practice

*  Advanced techniques


* Requires pre-approval from one of our trainers to participate.  

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